Endless Dungeon Out Now Through Advanced Access

Today is an exciting day for the entire studio, and especially our ENDLESS Dungeon team that has worked super hard these past years to make this game a reality. We’ve put a lot of passion and dedication into this project, and we’re extremely proud of releasing our game today! We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Endless Dungeon is out, at least the advanced access (aka early unlock) for those of you who bought the “Last Wish Edition“. For those who own the Standard Edition you will be able to play starting Thursday (16:00 CEST / 15:00 BST / 7:00 PST).

It’s hard to believe that the day has finally come! ENDLESS Dungeon is now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox for all owners of the Last Wish Edition. Standard Edition owners will follow with the full release this Thursday, October 19th. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed making it 🙂

In ENDLESS Dungeon, you find yourself stranded in a mysterious abandoned space station. Your goal is to fight your way to the exit all the while protecting your crystal from never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again!

So let’s start from the beginning:
Endless Dungeon is a unique blend of roguelite, tactical action, and tower defense set in the ENDLESS Universe (same as Endless Legend, Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless, etc…). We won’t spoil the game for you, but you’ve ended up in the Endless Dungeon Space Station, and there is a force that makes it impossible to just take a ship and get away. You will need to escort your beloved Crystal Bot to the Core to try to fix the situation and escape:

  • 8 Playable Characters
  • Co-op with up to 3 players
  • Multiple Meta Progression elements (Upgrade your heroes with Chips, spice up your run with the Beverages, etc.)
  • 10 Districts to explore
  • and more…

As the game just released, there are a couple of things we wanted to share with all of you to help you get started!

Wiki and Tutorials
We know that a rogue-lite game can be a challenge to get into and this is why we explored different ways to share additional information and explanations for those of you who want to dig into the different concepts of the game to learn and master.

Based on the feedback from the Insiders who have been helping us test the game over the past few months, we decided that a player-editable wiki is the best approach and created an “Official Wiki” on We’ll be happy to work with any player interested in the Wiki, to answer questions or provide assets to make this wiki the most useful resource it can be.

But that it is not all, we know that a Wiki is not meant for everyone (some people will say is “Too much text to me…”, this why we have been collaborating with content creators such as Hazmy who will have some videos that will help you on your first steps in Endless Dungeon.
Additionally, we will be having some short videos on the different social media channels, you will find the links at the end. If you make any videos, do not hesitate to share them with us, we are eager to see your tips and strategies of the game!

To read more about Feedback, Bug Reports and FAQs go here.

Purchase here:

Source: Endless Dungeon Steam Page

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