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Following up from the first EA SPORTS WRC deep dive that shared details on gameplay features, we’re excited to share more information on what players can experience when the game releases on November 3 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via EA App, Epic Store, and Steam. Our second deep dive goes into detail on Career, Moments, Multiplayer, and more in EA SPORTS WRC. Breaking it down is Molly Pettit, broadcaster and journalist for WRC.

Career is a core WRC experience, where players will aim to lead their team to victory against the world’s best rally drivers, cars, and teams. The first choice will be in deciding where on the WRC ladder to start their first season from. Want to build up a legacy across multiple classes? Then begin a journey with Junior WRC, as the Rally3 cars are a great entry point for new players. Alternatively, players can start in WRC 2, or even jump straight in at the deep-end with the Rally1 cars in the top class of competition. Following the initial class selection, players will then begin the process of creating their very own rally team. This starts with the team branding, including name and colours, before meeting the Chief Engineer and Benefactor.

Throughout the journey teams will work alongside the Benefactor who provides funding and the setting of goals and objectives to be met across each season. Driving well will result in bigger budgets for future rallies as well as the ability to hire a teammate, recruit more engineers, acquire new cars, and more. The calendar keeps track of all upcoming rallies, special events, notable milestones, and much more. Not only will players be able to drive many cars from the world of rally, they’ll also get to build and customise their very own car, truly making a mark in rally history.

In the mid 2000s, Colin McRae followed up his years of rallying success with an ambitious project, the creation of an all-new rally car, the McRae R4. Whilst players can drive the McRae R4 in EA SPORTS WRC (full car list here), they can also follow in Colin’s footsteps by designing and developing their very own modern-era rally car from the ground up. The first choice to be made will be which class will be competing in; WRC, WRC2 (including Rally2 events) or Junior WRC. Players will then be tasked to build a car to each class’ regulations, so that it can be fairly and competitively balanced with the real-world cars in each.

With the class decided upon, the choice moves to the car’s engine layout, which will affect its weight balance and driving characteristics. For example, a mid-engined car may have more potential, but cost more to build and could be a little too challenging to drive if more used to front-engined machinery. Then, it’s onto the various mechanical components. Each part has its own traits and features; some will be of higher quality, some allow for custom tuning, but budget considerations will also have to be made to reduce the overall cost of the car.

With the mechanical aspects of the car complete the final step is to customize the appearance. Everything from the bumpers, spoilers, and wheel rims to smaller details like the body pins, lights, and air intakes can be changed. There’s even options to change the look and feel of each car’s interior, allowing players to create a one-of-a-kind machine ready to take on Career, Time Trial, Clubs, and more.

To read more about Moments, Rally School, Championship and more…go here.

Source: EA Sports

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