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Diablo IV Brings Back Rogue Class

Any Diablo fans out there? Well, Blizzard said the rogue class will be a highly customizable character.

Taken from Engadget … We didn’t get a release date for Diablo IV, but Blizzard did share details on a new playable class at BlizzConline 2021. And like the barbarian before it, the rogue is one fans of the series will know well. She was one of three classes you could play in the original back in 1997, and her sisterhood made an appearance in the first act of Diablo II.

In Diablo IV, Blizzard said the rogue will be a highly customizable character that you’ll be able to play as either a ranged damage dealer or a stealthy assassin. While you’ll have to wait to play Diablo IV, later this year Blizzard plans to release a remaster of Diablo II that will feature enhanced graphics, updated cinematics and quality-of-life improvements.

Source: Engadget


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