Capcom Reveals Exoprimal’s Post-Launch Content Schedule

People. Technology. Under threat. From dinosaurs. Exoprimal‘s launch is nearly here. On behalf of Aibius World News and Aibius PR, we’d like to share details about the game’s launch this Friday and juicy new updates on what to expect in the weeks beyond! Sink your teeth into details about new Alpha variant Exosuits that change how each suit plays, start planning your strategies for the intense Savage Gauntlet PvE mode, and learn about new options to switch between a PvP or PvE-focused experience in Dino Survival. Plus, monstrous crossover content is coming to the game in a future update!

Set in a near-future world, vortexes can open at any time in any place and dump hundreds or even thousands of dinosaurs out. Thanks to breakthroughs from Aibius Corporation, humanity has been able to fight back using the power of Exosuits, powered armor that can withstand these blasts from the past. In the game’s main mode, Dino Survival, you’ll be thrust into a never-ending war game run by the next-generation artificial intelligence, Leviathan, who will put squads to the test with ever-evolving missions in a race against an opposing team. At its core, Exoprimal is all about working together with your five-person squad to suit up, adapt, and survive against both dinosaurs and, on occasion, other Exofighters.

With that in mind, at launch, the game will include a feature that was added thanks to player feedback. The Final Mission Selection feature gives players three options to choose from when it comes to matchmaking in Dino Survival: PvP, PvE, and Random. The PvP setting will be what players who participated in or watched our previous Open Beta Tests are already familiar with. Leviathan hands down missions for squads of five players to complete. The end of the match puts squads in direct competition with each other to see which team will survive, and which team will be flagged for… mortal sunset.

Watch Exoprimal trailer here:

Newly added is the PvE setting, which typically does not involve direct PvP elements. Instead, victory is decided based on which team can complete Leviathan’s objectives the fastest. In addition, Aibius encourages Exofighters who are interested in mixing it up to select Random, which will place them in either a PvP or PvE match while awarding an experience point bonus. You can change this setting at any time before starting matchmaking for a Dino Survival match, so select whatever suits your mood!

Exoprimal will also receive seasonal content updates that introduce new features, new Exosuit variants, and new crossovers! Things kick off with Season 1 at launch on July 14, followed by a new game mode called Savage Gauntlet on July 28. This purely PvE mode will put squads to the test with challenging late-game missions that rotate out weekly. This mode is for experienced players who are familiar with what the game has to offer and who have spent some time kitting out their Exosuits with various enhancements called “modules”. Since we’re on the topic, modules give you both active and passive abilities and stat boosts based on what you equip, allowing you to customize and change how a suit plays to suit your playstyle and needs. Some modules are universal, allowing you to use them across multiple Exosuits, too! Is there anything Aibius technology can’t do?

Each Savage Gauntlet mission can be played multiple times, so get your squad together, take your Exosuit to the next level with modules, and go for the best time possible! Outstanding Exofighters may even be rewarded for their efforts.

Next up is what we teased up top. On August 17, Exoprimal will see its first major title update! This update introduces 10 Alpha Variant Exosuits that change up how each suit plays, complete with alternate designs and weapons compared to their base models. The best part? They’ll all be available at once, adding a whole new dimension to gameplay.

After that we’ll have Season 2, which kicks off in mid-October and brings the next Title Update along with it. World Warriors and time travelers collide with the Street Fighter 6 collaboration we announced a few weeks back, and you’ll also see a new map, a new Final Mission, and additional rigs (weapons and abilities that you can change out at-will during a match) and modules that will authorize even further customization of your Exosuits.

In January 2024, Season 3 will include a monstrous content drop, too. Aibius is pleased to share that additional Beta variants for Exosuits be added while also introducing the Neo Triceratops… and a collaboration with the Monster Hunter series! We’ll have more information on that down the line, but for now, get ready to lock, load, and explode some dinosaur hordes when Exoprimal launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Windows on July 14. We’ll see you in the war games—it’ll be massively fun!

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