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Crysis Remastered Coming Soon Using Cryengine 5.6

Oh boy! Crysis 4 (or  should I say remaster) is coming soon? … it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Apparently, it uses the latest Cryengine 5.6, and the whole game should look and feel amazing!

Taken from TPU … The Crysis Twitter account today once again became active, after almost four years of inactivity, to post a two-worded tweet – “RECEIVING DATA”. The tweet is an indication of something happening and the current industry rumors are pointing to a nonother then a remaster of the beloved title. Yes, we are talking about a remaster of one of the Crysis games, possibly the last entry added in 2013 – the Crysis 3. Originally developed by a German developer Crytek and published by Electronic Arts, the game is powered by CryEngine. The game is being worked on by both teams of EA and Crytek, however, the possible launch of the game is determined by EA, as it has rights to the game still. During the Q2 earnings call, EA’s CEO mentioned that they are working delivering “some exciting remasters of fan favorites” for the fiscal year of 2021, so we can expect the game in a timeframe close to us.

It seems like the popular question “but can it run Crysis?” will gain traction again, as the game will likely be a real treat for the eyes. Implementing Crytek’s latest CryEngine 5.6, it will feature all the latest bells and whistles of computer graphics. That means that Ray Tracing and support for 4K textures are going to be present. Meant for next-generation hardware of PCs and consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X, the remastered Crysis game would need a powerful system to run on, however, judging by rumors of next-generation hardware it should be enough to power it without a problem. To see more about CryEngine 5.6, please check out the video below.

Source: TPU via TweakTown


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