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AMD Project Quantum Powered by Intel CPU with AMD GPU

In an ITX sized, water-cooled case.

Wait, what? an AMD system powered by an Intel CPU with AMD GPU? Mind you, that was conjured-up back in 2015. I don’t think this type of collaboration will ever happen in 2020 … but this concept of an ITX sized, water-cooled PC system may be a great idea for my next project!

Taken from Tom’s Hardware … Project Quantum was AMD’s rendition of a configurable small-form-factor gaming PC (see our list of best gaming PCs) that would meet the size requirement to compete in the gaming console market. The original prototype measured 9.5 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches  (24.13 x 24.13 x 16.51cm). The patent doesn’t reveal if the device’s dimensions have changed or not. The two-story design, however, seems to have stuck with Project Quantum.

Project Quantum featured an integrated liquid cooling system that was hidden on the top section of the mini-PC. The setup cooled both the processor and graphics and includes a small pump, reservoir and 180mm radiator. A corresponding cooling fan pulled fresh air from the outside to dissipate the heat from the radiator. Project Quantum’s hardware, on the other hand, was situated at the bottom section of the case.

Shocking as it may sound, Project Quantum utilized Intel’s Core i7-4790K (codename Devil’s Canyon) processor with a customized ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac mini-ITX motherboard. AMD could have used one of its own chips, but you must remember that Project Quantum was born in 2015, and AMD didn’t have a gaming processor that could rival Intel’s offering back then. Much has changed since, and if Project Quantum was released today, we wouldn’t doubt that a Ryzen Zen 2 or possibly a Zen 3 chip would likely power the gaming PC. The initial plan was to stick up to two Radeon R9 Fury X graphics cards into Project Quantum. Today, we can expect something in the line of AMD’s Radeon Navi or Big Navi graphics cards to be featured in Project Quantum.

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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