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Lian Li Releases STRIMER PLUS – New Generation of RGB Extension Cable

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of aluminium chassis and PC accessories, is proud to announce the STRIMER PLUS, the next generation of RGB extension cables in 24-pin and 8-pin format. The new STRIMER PLUS has up to 120 LEDs for brighter and more complex light effects. With a cleaner look and an improved installation process, adding an extra layer of stylish and unique flair to a PC has never been easier.

The STRIMER PLUS brings next level brightness, light configurations, and flexibility. With a total of 120 and 108 LEDs (24-pin and 8-Pin respectively), the STRIMER PLUS presents an unprecedented level of brightness in 7 colors and 18 light modes all manageable via a controller, or synchronized with the motherboard RGB control software for a unified lighting effect. By combining speed, colors and modes, the STRIMER PLUS offers a total of 84 individual lighting effects, making it the one and only RGB product needed to enhance and personalize any PC.


Take control
Designed as a plug and go accessory, the STRIMER PLUS extension cables are simple and quick to install. For GPUs mounted vertically or with backward power adaptors, the orientation of the LED strips can be easily reversed for the best side of the STRIMER PLUS to shine through. Included with the 24-pin STRIMER PLUS, the controller gives LED enthusiasts full command of the cable’s light modes, speed, brightness, and color.

Either as an upgrade to an aging PC, or part of a new masterpiece in the making, the STRIMER PLUS brings RGB to power cables in a unique and fashionable way. From March 3rd until March 31st, the STRIMER PLUS 24-pin is on sale on Newegg in the USA, and Overclockers UK in the United Kingdom for the limited price of $49.99 USD. For more information on the STRIMER PLUS, see the official product page here:


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