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ClockTuner for Ryzen Gives You Extra ZEN2 Performance

It simplifies Zen 2 overclocking and gives you  double-digit percent performance!

Taken from Guru3D … 1USMUS, who you know from DRAM Calculator for Ryzen and our articles here on Guru3D, has been working hard on a new and awesome project. CTR is short for ClockTuner for Ryzen, a tool that can increase the performance of ZEN2 processors without increasing power consumption.

First off before you start requesting ‘where can I download this’ in the forums or through our email, today is the announcement of this utility. It is not yet available, the timeframe for the release to be able to download and test is somewhere in September.

The program will be fully automated and has no restrictions.  CTR (ClockTuner for Ryzen) Excessive voltage and PPT, low instability boost have been a concern for 1usmus for a very long time and he decided to help the users, because any Zen 2 processor can achieve even more than you think. ClockTuner for Ryzen software will allow you to increase the energy efficiency of processors based on the Zen2 architecture. The basic idea of this software is an undervolt for each CCX individually. This makes the processor faster and colder. At the same time, all energy-saving technologies remain active. Until CTR came along, this was impossible. Another key feature of this software is smart overclocking.

Source: Guru3D


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