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AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Price Cuts for Black Friday – Ryzen 9 7950X at $574

Black Friday is coming and there are HUGE discounts off AMD Ryzen 7000 series of processors. Buy at Newegghttps://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=amd+ryzen+7000

Taken from TPU … AMD Ryzen 7000-series “Zen 4” desktop processors got their first round of price-cuts on leading retailer Newegg, as the company has a hard time justifying their launch-prices in the wake of Intel’s 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” and declining demand in the PC components market. The new pricing sees the top Ryzen 9 7950X 16-core/32-thread chip priced at USD $574, down from $700 (an 18% price-cut). The 12-core/24-thread Ryzen 9 7900X sees its price go down from $550 to $474 (down 14%).

The 8-core/16-thread Ryzen 7 7700X gets a $50 price-cut sending its price down from $400 to roughly $350. The 6-core/12-thread Ryzen 5 7600X gets a similar $50 cut, which means the chip can now be had for roughly $250, down from its $300 launch price. All four SKUs face stiff competition from the aggressively priced 13th Gen Core SKUs, which include the i9-13900K, the i7-13700K, and the i5-13600K. Prices of Socket AM5 motherboards is another big put-off as it’s a major contributor to platform costs, which is restricted to DDR5 memory.

Buy at Newegghttps://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=amd+ryzen+7000

Source: TPU via VideoCardz


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