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AMD 4th Gen Ryzen “Vermeer” Zen 3 Rumored to Feature 10-Cores

If it’s cheaper than Intel’s 10-core i9-10900K ($850) … I’m all for it! The 4th Gen Ryzen processor lineup will be launched late Q3, alongside AMD’s new 600-series motherboard chipset. Apparently, the new processor will work with older chipsets (X570, B550), while the new 600-series chipset motherboards is rumored to work with older AM4 processors too!

Taken from TPU … Yuri “1usmus” Bubliy, author of DRAM Calculator for Ryzen and the upcoming ClockTuner for Ryzen, revealed three pieces of juicy details on the upcoming 4th Gen AMD Ryzen “Vermeer” performance desktop processors. He predicts AMD turning up CPU core counts with this generation, including the introduction of new 10-core SKUs, possibly to one-up Intel in the multi-threaded performance front. Last we heard, AMD’s upcoming “Zen 3” CCDs (chiplets) feature 8 CPU cores sharing a monolithic 32 MB slab of L3 cache. This should, in theory, allow AMD to create 10-core chips with two CCDs, each with 5 cores enabled.

Next up, are two features that should interest overclockers – which is Bubliy’s main domain. The processors should support a feature called “Curve Optimizer,” enabling finer-grained control over the boost algorithm, and on a per-core basis. As we understand, the “curve” in question could even be voltage/frequency. It remains to be seen of the feature is leveraged at a CBS level (UEFI setup program), or by Ryzen Master. Lastly, there’s mention of new Infinity Fabric dividers that apparently helps you raise DCT (memory controller) frequencies “slightly higher” in mixed mode. AMD is expected to debut its 4th Gen Ryzen “Vermeer” desktop processors within 2020.

Source: TPU


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