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Cougar 700M Evo Gaming Mouse Reviewed at Funky Kit

Our sister site has posted a review of the Cougar 700M Evo Gaming Mouse. Check out the full review here.

In, conclusion the Cougar 700M Evo took everything that was great about the original and put it all into this mouse. And on top of that we get all the great updates that come after 5 years of time. Everything, spec wise, on the 700M has all the parts that is considered to be quality. Plus one thing that is all the rage, RGB! Now the RGB isn’t going to light up the room but the ability to customize a few of the components is a start. My only wish, at this time, for this mouse is wireless version! Lets hope that we will one day see this come true! Oh, and maybe a little more RGB. And why we are at it how about a small fan concealed inside that provides air flow on the palm! Ok I might have taken the dream a little to far! But that would be epic.

Lets talk about a few of those upgrades. Firstly, we have the PMW3389 Sensor. And with that sensor we get the 16000 DPI along with a 2000Hz polling rate. The tracking speed has been increased to 400ips. This mouse has been truly built to last 5 years or longer like the original 700M has lasted me. The extra palm adjustments we get on the 700M Evo was also quite nice. I wasn’t sure if I was going to utilize this feature much. But it did! I like the size and feel of the old mouse, and now the extra palm adjustment made this mouse even better.

Final Thoughts:

If you were a fan of the original 700M you will definitely appreciate the upgrades you get with the 700M Evo. They made this mouse to withstand many years of gaming.

You can buy the Cougar 700M Evo Gaming Mouse for around USD $79 from Amazon –


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