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ASRock B650 PRO RS Motherboard Review

Review by Funky Kit.

Our sister site Funky Kit published a review of the ASRock B650 PRO RS Motherboard … you can check out the full review here.

The ASRock B650 PRO RS is by all intent and purposes, designed and targeted at the mainstream market, so it will lack a lot of the features found on the higher-end Taichi motherboards. Having said that, don’t discount this motherboard just yet. If you want build an affordable system based on the latest Ryzen 7000 series of processors, then the ASRock B650 PRO RS is your perfect choice. It supports DDR5 ram with speeds of up to DDR5-6200 OC+, AMD EXPO memory profiles, and comes with a DisplayPort and HDMI output, as well as one Blazing M.2 slot for PCIE Gen5x4 SSDs.

So what’s lacking? Well for starters, there’s no PCIE 5.0 slot for your next-gen graphics cards, but instead you get a PCIE 4.0 x16 slot, which is enough for most gamers I suppose. There’s no onboard Wifi, for that you’ll need to get yourself a M.2 Key-E module. And lastly, there’s no backplate, diagnostic LEDs or onboard power-on and reset buttons, these are normally found on higher-end Taichi motherboards.

For extra stability, the B650 PRO RS motherboard comes with ample 14+2+1 Phase Power Design and SPS, which is decent enough. But when it comes cooling, I think ASRock could have done more. The motherboard has two heatsinks for cooling the VRMs/Mosfets, but only one heatsink for the Blazing M.2 slot for PCIE Gen5x4 SSD. The only thing I wished they included with this motherboard, are extra heatsink/heatshield for the Hyper M.2 (PCIe Gen4x4) and Hyper M.2 (PCIe Gen3x2 & SATA3) slots.


During our tests, we used an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X processor and a GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. We managed to pull some phenomenal scores in all of our benchmarks, including a Cinebench R23 scores of 27,820 (multi core) and 1,915 (single core). For PCMark 10, we got a score of 9,374, and a score of 9,994 for PassMark9.

For UL’s latest Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark, we got a score of, 10,027 and 8,232 for the video editing suite. For 3DMark Speed Way and Port Royal, we got a score of 5,156 and 12,844 respectively. And finally, for Timespy and Firestrike, we got decent scores of 18,351 and 40,665 respectively.

You can buy the ASRock B650 PRO RS motherboard for around USD $233 on Amazon – https://amzn.to/3OeWxeP. At this price, I can’t fault it. It’s literally half the price of an enthusiast motherboard. Yes, it’s lacking in some of the enthusiast features we love, but for a motherboard costing under USD $250, you get to enjoy all the speed and performance benefits of the Ryzen 7000 series processors.


Final Words:

All-in-all, the ASRock B650 PRO RS is probably one of the most affordable AM5 motherboards, designed and targeted at the mainstream market. It does lack some of the enthusiast features we all love on higher-end motherboards, but it definitely made up for it in the performance department. If you’re a system builder or a DIYer who’s looking to build a second system, then take a look at the ASRock B650 PRO RS which is amazingly priced at under $250!


You can buy something similar – the ASRock B650 PG Lightning motherboard for around USD $199 on Amazon – https://amzn.to/4bVn1NZ


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