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AMD Preparing AI-based Noise Suppression Technology

This sounds interesting (pun intended) LOL! 😀

Taken from  VideoCardz … AMD accidentally publishes a video teaser for the upcoming audio quality improving technology.

NVIDIA RTX Voice took the headlines 2 years ago, just as the pandemic forced millions of people to work from home and attend meetings they were (technically) unprepared for. With prices of video and audio recording PC hardware skyrocketing at the time, people were forced to rely on low-quality devices, such as notebook built-in microphones. As it turned out, NVIDIA was already working on a technology that could solve this issue by improving the audio quality with software. In such circumstances, NVIDIA released a beta for a technology called RTX Voice.

The RTX Voice works for both input and output devices, with the primary feature being noise suppression. This technology relies on an artificial intelligence algorithm that was so advanced that it could literally cancel the sound of the hair dryer.

It seems that AMD will finally have something similar. Noise Suppression technology has just appeared in a leaked teaser video that was accidentally posed by AMD themselves on YouTube. Although the video was already taken down, Redditors were quick to make a copy.

Source:  VideoCardz


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