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Sony Sells 3.4 Million PS5 Comsoles in First Month of Release

With 18 Million Units Targeted in 2021.

It was always going to be a big seller … shame 2020 was a pretty sh!t year for everyone including large corporations. Right next target is 18 million units for 2021!

Sony has sold 3.4 million PlayStation 5 units in the four weeks following its release, this puts it ahead of the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for their first month sales. The Xbox Series X/S from Microsoft is currently estimated to have sold slightly over 2 million units however as with both consoles this is a supply issue and not a demand one. The main reason for Sony’s lead in shipments is their early production start meaning they had more units on hand for release. Sony is targeting 16.8 – 18 million PlayStation 5 shipments in 2021 topping the PlayStation 4 and making it the company’s most successful launch to date.

Source: TPU, digitimes


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