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Modder Makes World’s First Custom Watercooling System for PS5

That’s why I love modding and the modding community. If it’s physically in front of you … you can mod it! 😀

Taken from TPU … YouTuber Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on Google’s video-sharing platform, has achieved the title of owning the world’s first “PS5 Slim” console… by creating a custom watercooling system that’s aimed at keeping the AMD-designed chip in check while rendering some of the most impressive games of this generation. Thanks to the custom watercooling unit, the PS5’s usual 4-inch width was reduced to a mere inch – and due to improved operating temperatures, it’s likely the hardware will see increased longevity. Barring any catastrophic leakage, of course.


Perks made use of a copper sheet to channel water over the PS5’s APU, while also including thermal bridges that distributed the contained water throughout the consoles’ SSD and power delivery subsystem. There is a secret to the consoles’ slim profile, however, which should also answer one question you’re holding on your mind: where, in that single inch frame, did he fit the pump and radiator for the embedded watercooling?

The answer lies outside of the console proper, as Perks moved both the consoles’ power supply and watercooling unit towards an external carcass that can be hidden away, leaving only the svelte, copper-colored PS5 on show in your media center. Al in all, this is a very impressive mod – and the YouTuber has even been so kind as to share the steps necessary for you to build one of these yourself.

Source: TPU, DIY Perks @ YouTube


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