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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Launches on PS5 January 28th

Any fans of Gundam out there? Well if you’re one of those who were lucky enough to get a PS5, you’ll be glad to know that the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 will be launching on the PS5 on January 28th.

Taken from PlayStation.Blog … Pilots, we are so excited to announce that Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 in just a few short days, on January 28! With the power of PS5, pilots can experience improved load times, framerate, and outstanding DualSense wireless controller features.


DualSense controller features

In the PS5 version of Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, these DualSense controller improvements help to better imitate the feeling of weapon firing:

  • Pulling the trigger: Adaptive triggers reproduce resistance and pressure.
  • Bullet fired: Hear the weapon fire via the DualSense controller’s audio and audio from your TV
  • Bullet impact: Haptic feedback indicates projectile impact

These improvements to haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and audio for PS5 provide a richer experience for every GBO2 pilot. To ensure GBO2 pilots have the best experience possible, you can tailor these features to suit you:  toggle haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, and controller sound in the game’s system settings.


Haptic feedback and audio work together

One improvement is modifications to the Haptic Feedback’s vibration patterns for different weapons. You’ll have a unique feedback experience whether you are using a machine gun or beam rifle. This new tactile experience is based on the sound file for each weapon to provide both the audio and haptic feedback, while the weapon fire and weapon switch audio will output from the DualSense controller’s built-in speaker, making your experience as immersive as possible.

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