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Memory Bandwidth of PlayStation 5 vs PS4

The memory bandwidth of the up-coming PS5, which uses GDDR6 ram is around 448 GB/s versus 176 GB/s for the PS4 which uses GDDR5 ram.

Taken from Screenrant … One part of the recent PlayStation 5 specs reveal that often goes unmentioned is the system’s increase in memory bandwidth over PlayStation 4. While that specific number isn’t as sexy or ridiculous sounding as teraflops, memory bandwidth is perhaps the most important part of delivering a game that maintains a high frame rate at high resolutions. As a result, low bandwidth is a problem that can doom a console’s performance, as we’ve seen with current-generation hardware.

To put it simply, system memory bandwidth represents how fast the system can move data to and from memory. All of a game’s files are initially stored on the console’s drive (which would be an HDD on a PS4 and an SSD on a PS5), but to make use of it, the console has to move copies of those files around so that it ultimately results in images being displayed on a player’s screen. This process is often referred to as “throughput” as well. The fastest SSD on Earth, working with infinite teraflops would be absolutely useless if the system didn’t move that data quickly.

Based on information from Sony’s PlayStation 5 “deep dive”, we now know PS5’s memory bandwidth is 448 GBs per second. That makes it higher than PS4’s 176 GBs per second, and on par with that of Xbox Series X. Memory bandwidth as a number is typically represented as a maximum, meaning PS5 is capable of transferring a maximum of 448 GB/s but it won’t always have to. As a result, it’s a great metric to measure the graphical capability of a system, in addition to its speed, and comparing that to older generations really puts these advancements into perspective.

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