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ASUS Announces ProArt B550-Creator Motherboard with Thunderbolt 4 Support

Designed for professionals and creatives who need ultra-fast USB and Thunderbolt connectivity alongside stable and reliable operation. The B550-Creator is a great choice for those building a Ryzen based system with Ryzen 3000 series or Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. The board Features out-of-the-box UEFI support for both series of processors. The B550 Creator is the first AM4 motherboard with Thunderbolt 4 onboard! In addition, you have dual 2.5 Gbps LAN, dual M.2 slots alongside dual heatsinks. It also incorporates the latest ASUS M.2 Q-Latch design for simple and tool-free M.2 drive installation. For the latest generation of chassis, you also have front USB 3.0 connectivity as well as USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type Internal connectivity.


Cool under load

The B550-Creator has a clean and minimal aesthetic, subtly accenting the black colorway are ProART gold accents. While the board is design to offer a subtle and minimal aesthetic it does not compromise on power delivery or thermal performance. You can feel confident whether stock or overclocked.

Whether you are you commonly operate a build with lengthy uptimes whether they come from long edits, batch conversion, rendering sessions, or compiling the B550-Creator has you covered. Featuring teamed power stages comprised of a 12+2 VRM design and ProCool II power connectors, you can feel confident in the power delivery of the B550-Creator. The VRM is kept cool by two large VRM multi finned/ridged heatsinks that feature a dual contact design.

This design ensures thermal dissipation of the power stages as well as the inductors. Stack cool 3+ PCB design further aids in PCB temperature reduction and as always ASUS offers extensive VRM operating options that allow for tuning the VRM for maximum current performance or more balanced loading for improved thermals.

ASUS CrystalSound 3.0 and Two Way Ai Noise Canceling

The B550-Creator benefits from an isolated audio codec, the ALC 1220A featuring shielding, audio-grade capacitors, and an integrated amplifier. Whether listening to music, watching movies/videos, or listening back to content during workflow production you can enjoy a high-quality audio experience.

In addition, take advantage of ASUS AiNoise canceling which can help to considerbly improve audio quality by filtering out noises and distractions whether it be on your mic or incoming audio.

Leading ASUS memory (DRAM) interoperability and compatibility

With support for up to 128 GB as well as ASUS’s exclusive DOCP XMP profile feature, you have extensive support for varied DDR densities and speeds.

ProArt Creator Hub – Clean, simple, and with versatile functionality and monitoring

The creator hub offers a clean and modern UI for monitoring and management while also offering integration for calibration with ASUS ProART monitors. Furthermore, it simplifies workflows with convenient features like Task Grouping. Assign multiple apps to a group and launch them simultaneously.

ASUS Control Center Express -Advanced hardware and software monitoring

Remotely have access to your systems operating status, great for seeing if your system is still working on a project i.e a long export/render or batch conversion/compile. Check hardware operating values and even receive notifications.

Extensive testing

ProArt boards going through extensive validation during design and development including testing uptime for 168 hours at 45c and 80% relative humidity

Convient hardware designs

  • The creator comes with ASUS innovations like a pre-mounted IO shield not only making installation easier but also enhancing EMI protection.
  • ASUS M.2 Q-Latch for simple and tool-free M.2 installation.
  • QLED for quick visual POST troubleshooting of the CPU, DRAM, Graphics Card, or Boot Device.
  • ASUS LANGUARD significantly improves ESD and Surge protection by utilizing improved components alongside SMT PCB production

Pricing & Availability

The ASUS ProArt B550-Creator will be available next month for 299.99 USD.


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