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Xbox Series X and S – UK’s Best-Selling Consoles in January

Now that’s a surprise. I would have thought the PS5 was going to out sell the competition, but hey what I can say. It could be the lack of availability of the PS5 that allowed Xbox to take the crown.

Taken from IGN … The Xbox Series X and S were the UK’s best selling consoles in January 2021, beating out both PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch for the first time since launch.

As reported by GamesIndustry.Biz (based on GfK’s charts), Microsoft’s next-gen consoles outsold all competitors in January. The Nintendo Switch took second place despite sales being up by 21% and console sales, in general, being up by 148% compared to the previous year. Microsoft posted record profits in January, with its gaming hardware segment growing 86% due to the launch of the Series X and S. GI’s report notes that the PlayStation 5 took third place in GfK’s charts.

Given the Switch’s enormous success, particularly in the last year, and PlayStation’s recent dominance in the tug-of-war between Sony and Microsoft, this is a positive sign for Xbox. However, that is likely influenced as much by market shortages as sheer demand – IGN UK Deals‘ Robert Anderson indicated that Xbox Series consoles saw three or four UK stock drops in January, with PS5 only seeing one.

Source: IGN


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