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EA Play Will Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Come November 10th

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an absolute bargain for $14.99 per month. What’s even better is that EA Play will be included on 10th November, ready for the Xbox Series X/S launch this fall.

Taken from Engadget … the Xbox team has revealed exactly when members will be able to access the service on different platforms. If you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the service — which normally costs $4.99 per month on console — will be available on Xbox hardware from November 10th. Yep, that’s the same day that both the Xbox Series S and X launch. PC owners with Ultimate or the PC-specific version of Xbox Game Pass will then have access “beginning in December,” Microsoft confirmed.

Microsoft has also reiterated that “some of the best EA Play games” will also be available to stream via xCloud on Android devices. The company hasn’t revealed exactly which titles will be supported, though. Regardless, EA Play’s inclusion will make Game Pass an even more tantalizing deal. If you need a refresher, Game Pass Ultimate now includes: the console and PC versions of the subscription service, which are functionally similar but have slightly different libraries, Xbox Live Gold, another subscription required to play console games online, xCloud game streaming, and the basic version of EA Play. That’s an awful lot of value for $14.99 per month.

Source: Engadget


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