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Will Elevate Fighting Games For PS5 and PC Starting August 29

Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, officially announced the availability of the Razer Kitsune, its first-ever all-button optical arcade controller, specifically designed to transform the fighting game landscape. The Razer Kitsune marks a departure from conventional controllers, marrying the tactile satisfaction of an arcade control panel with the cutting-edge technology of Razer’s optical switches. This controller has been carefully crafted with the demands of competitive fighting game players in mind, offering incredible precision and superior control, while maintaining a slim and portable form factor for easy setup and storage.

“With the Razer Kitsune, we have responded to the unique demands of competitive fighters,” said Ali Homayounfar, Razer Kitsune Product Lead. “It’s an innovative leap in gaming control, allowing players to perform complex moves and react faster than ever before, all thanks to the combination of all-button layout and optical switches. We’re proud to have developed Kitsune in collaboration with Capcom to ensure it meets all Capcom Pro Tour regulations.”

Experience the Next Level of Control with Precise Quad Movement Button Layout
By replacing traditional joysticks with four movement buttons, the Razer Kitsune brings a new dimension to control in fighting games, reducing input errors, and enabling players to perform complex motions flawlessly.

React at Light Speed with Ultra-Responsive Linear Optical Switches
Incorporating Razer’s Low-Profile Linear Optical Switches first seen on the award-winning Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard, the Kitsune offers ultra-responsive inputs, providing the precision and speed needed to outmaneuver opponents and capitalize on every opportunity.

Slim, Portable Design for the On-The-Go Competitor
Staying true to Razer’s tradition of ergonomic excellence, the Kitsune is designed with portability in mind, boasting a slim, portable form factor that can easily be stored in a backpack, and a detachable USB Type C cable for quick setup and pack-up.

Stay Secure and Uninterrupted with Cable Lock and Tournament Lock Switch
The Kitsune’s Cable Security Clasp and Tournament Lock Switch eliminate the risk of accidental disconnections and unwanted inputs during heated competitions, offering players peace of mind when every second counts.

Match Your Style with Removable Aluminium Top Plate and Chroma RGB
Offering a removable aluminium top plate and Razer Chroma RGB, the Kitsune allows players to not just play their best, but look their best as well, with customization options to match their unique style.

Razer’s innovative leap into the realm of all-button optical arcade controllers with the Kitsune represents a monumental shift in the gaming control landscape. By combining a precise quad movement button layout, ultra-responsive linear optical switches, and a super slim portable form factor, the Kitsune stands as a new titan in the realm of fighting game controllers for PS5 and PC.

Razer Kitsune
$299.99 USD / 349.99€ MSRP, RazerStores, & Authorized Resellers – Available from today, August 29, 2023

Razer Kitsune SF6 Chun-Li Edition and Razer Kitsune SF6 Cammy Edition
$329.99 USD / 379.99€ MSRP
Available Q4, 2023.

Source: Razer

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