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MSI Announces Alpha 15 & 17 Gaming Laptops

Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4800H + Radeon RX 5600M

Gaming laptop giant MSI continues to produce innovative laptops to meet the diverse demands of gamers. MSI’s all-AMD laptops, Alpha 15 and 17, are making a strong comeback with more powerful specifications, offering the latest 7 nm-powered AMD mobile processor and graphics technology.

Designed for gamers looking for the most advanced technology, MSI’s all-AMD Alpha 15 and 17 gaming laptops combine the cutting-edge hardware of up to AMD Ryzen 7 4800H mobile processor and AMD Radeon RX 5600M graphics, which together offer desktop-class performance as an appealing and affordable option for mainstream gamers. As the chart indicates, the 7 nm combination significantly expedites the speed and performance for multitasking, heavy workloads, or playing popular games like “Grand Theft Auto V”, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” and “Borderlands 3”.

Smooth gaming experience with AMD FreeSync Premium 144 Hz display
Refresh rate is pivotal for gaming. Alpha 15 and 17 are uncompromising when it comes to display. The premium package, with the optional 144 Hz AMD FreeSync Premium display, delivers bright and surprising color accuracy along with a smooth and tear-free gaming experience. This allows gamers to enjoy the most vibrant visual and immersive gaming experience without missing a frame.

Alpha 15 & 17 are upscale picks among mainstream gaming laptops
The matte finish chassis is smaller than its competitors within the same class, while offering enough room to include high-end components. The Alpha 15 and 17 offer substantial value with a per-key RGB gaming keyboard, upgraded Giant Speakers. MSI’s revolutionary Cooler Boost 5 thermal solution ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience. The Alpha series is equipped with a total of 7 heat pipes to ensure maximum airflow for extreme gaming.

The Alpha series remains a rarity among modern gaming laptops. With its solid performance, this series of gaming laptops is an appealing solution for gamers looking for high-performance hardware that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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