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Interview With AMD’s Dr. Lisa Su Talks About Zen 4 and RDNA 3

AMD is continuing to up its game for 2021 … with talks of future products including the Zen 4 and RDNA 3. I can’t wait~

Taken from Anandtech … Following the keynote press conference, AMD invited a number of key press partners for some Q&A time with Dr. Lisa Su. On the table, we were told, was any topic relating to AMD. Given that the company launched a number of products just as the previous year ended, and supply issues are tight for end-users, there were opportunities to quiz the CEO on production demand against supply, AMD’s product cadence, and expectations for 2021.

Topics on the front of mind were AMD’s announcements that had just come through the wire – the new Ryzen 5000 Mobile family, featuring an updated processor core, as well as target markets for gaming ultraportables as well as the best gaming notebooks AMD has ever been in. There was also a brief preview of AMD’s interplay in the enterprise market with next-generation Milan processors, and a tie in with the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team, given that AMD provides a technical partnership.

This roundtable was a little different than most. Despite the whole discussion being on the record, AMD requested that we (or any of the press) did not post a full transcript of the call. Traditionally we post these transcripts, mildly edited for clarity and sometimes arranged for consistency – we fought our corner with AMD, and ultimately agreed to disagree. As a result, this Q&A will be more a ‘quote and explain’ situation.

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