Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters’ Execution Force DLC Available Now

We do not determine the guilty; we do not decide the punishment; we are merely the cold instruments of the Emperor’s vengeance. There is no form of death unknown to us; there is no form of terror beyond our means; there is no enemy outside our reach. We are the blade that hovers over the throat of the traitor; we are the bullet that awaits the heretic’s skull; we are the poison in the throat of the alien.

The Officio Assassinorum have arrived. Our second major DLC, Execution Force is now available to all players via Steam and the Epic Games Store. This DLC brings the might of four unique Assassin units to your disposal. Use them wisely in combination with your Grey Knights to decimate Nurgle’s despicable plague. Alongside Execution Force comes Update XIII, which brings a swathe of its own new content and changes. Notably a new squad of enemies, the Tainted Sons have entered the fray, posing a new fearsome challenge.

Execution Force DLC Content
Four new Assassin units are now available to be recruited to help in the fight against the Bloom. Shortly into a new or existing campaign, Vakir will contact the Officio Assassinorum which will provide you with your first Assassin. Further Assassins can then be recruited with Requisition:

  • Vindicare: A long-range sniper specialist, this unit is fast and focused on critical ranged attacks.
  • Eversor: Applies high stacks of Bleed and finishes enemies with a devastating Eviscerate attack. This unstable unit sacrifices his own health for high damage and extra actions.
  • Callidus: Moves among enemies without detection to perform assassinations or scout maps and targets.
  • Culexus: Nullifies enemy Boons and silences enemy psyker abilities. Her owns skills are empowered when allies use their Willpower. Additionally, she can reduce the Warp Surge meter and close Warp Portals.

New Mission Types
The Tentarus strain has grown stronger. New Hive Missions will now appear starting in Act 2. When they do, they will slowly corrupt the planet they are on until it reaches 5 Corruption. Without intervention, the planet will be pulled into the warp and the Morbus will increase. Hive missions require you to destroy the Tentarus Hive found at the centre of the map. To do so, you must first destroy the five Hive Germs protecting it.

When you encounter a Deathguard Vessel on the star map many will now offer you the chance to send a strike force to board the ship and disable it from within. Five new maps have been added so that players can board the vessel and destroy the ship’s generators before time runs out. Along with this several of our Deathguard Ship Events have been updated with new options.

Supplies from Titan
Grandmaster Kai has sent Supplies from Titan. The following Tier 1 items will be added to your inventory on new or existing campaigns with Execution Force enabled:

  • Condemnation: Falchions specializing in critical strikes.
  • Mace of the Abjurer: A Crozius that Nullifies enemy Boons.
  • Daemonspite: A Psilencer specializing in Daemon killing.
  • Catharsis: A Storm Bolter that can Purge enemy Mutations.
  • Aelwyn’s Light: A Flamer that Exposes enemies so they can be critically struck by your allies.
  • Mantle of Purity: Terminator armour that provides immunity to Plague.

Several new Achievements have been added for you and your Assassins to accrue. To view full patch notes, go here.

Sources: WH40K:CG-DH Steam PageChaos Gate

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