Ubisoft Connect PC Client to Get a Major Overhaul

Ubisoft has announced the Ubisoft Connect PC client is getting a major overhaul with a beta now live. Changes include social features, video playback options, library overhaul and more. Here is more information below…

The Ubisoft Connect PC Beta is about to begin, and it’s going to bring with it some major changes to its library, social features, video playback options, and more. Charles Huteau, Creative Director for the project, emphasizes that player feedback over the past several years has dictated much of the evolution we’re about to see, and wants that communication to continue during the Beta.

“We took the time to really digest all the feedback that we received in the last years about the desktop app,” says Huteau. “The new app is focused on accessibility, ease of access, and making sure that it’s clear to the user how to find what they are looking for. We know from user feedback that revamping the library is the most important piece of the puzzle.”



This slicker, more navigable library will see game pages filled with more information, both on the game – you’ll now be able to see which games need updates, for example – and the player’s in-game progress. New social features will also be introduced, including new player profiles, now available from within the app, that will be a space for a customizable identity, a means for players to interact with each other, and a way to see what others are playing.

Finally, and most fundamentally, Ubisoft Connect PC is getting an entire technological overhaul to keep up with increasingly complex updates to Ubisoft’s games and services. Under the hood, there will only be one tech stack used to build UI components, which translates to a quicker, more seamless experience for the player as they jump into their games. “It’s a great investment for the future,” adds Huteau. “With this kind of ecosystem, we are future-proofing no matter what kind of new platforms will appear.

“Wherever you play Ubisoft games, you’ll have full access to all your services, your friends, and your library.”

Huteau stresses that player feedback through the Beta remains crucial. “The goal is also to get the most feedback possible from our players, so we’ll have a feedback system built directly into the app. We are eager to hear what our players think.”

The Ubisoft Connect PC Beta is now live and is rolling out to users of the desktop app gradually. Download Ubisoft Connect PC here.

Source: Ubisoft

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