Turbo Kid Launches on PC April 10th

Outerminds, a leading Indie studio based in Montréal, Canada, invites you to saddle up your BMX™ all-terrain bike, and prepare for a post-apocalyptic adventure like no other, as Turbo Kid™ rides onto PC starting April 10, 2024!

Based on the beloved cult classic superhero film from 2015, Turbo Kid is an all-new pixel art Metroidvania-style adventure, drenched in jaw-dropping graphics, outrageous weapons, bucketloads of gore, ragdoll physics, BMX bikes and cotton candy.



Set in a retro-futuristic 80s vision of 1997, gamers play as Turbo Kid, our comic-book lovin’ hero as he takes on a manipulative Preacher and his devoted disciples to free a confined Wasteland town from their theocratic rule. A nightmare vision of the 90s, Turbo Kid is set in a world where humanity has broken down, water is scarce, tyrannical warlords roam the Wasteland, and bikes are the steeds of choice for would-be saviours.

Massive worlds crammed full of surprises and danger await as you upgrade and build, blasting, slashing, running, jumping, crawling and yes, riding your way to victory, while immersing you in an original soundtrack provided by the masters of electronica, Le Matos!

Turbo Kid delivers action on an unbelievable scale, check out what’s coming your way!

  • Pedal to the Metal! – Bike your way through ever-more intense levels in the first Metroidvania adventure to feature the height of human-powered transport technology: The all-terrain bike!
  • More Gore! – Bucketloads of over-the-top gore rendered in glorious pixel-art and painstakingly precise rag-doll physics.
  • Turbo Skills = Turbo Thrills! – Rich in the tradition of classic Metroidvania games, Turbo Kid allows you to discover incredible power ups and brutal weapons to make your journey smoother than a single speed BMX!
  • All-New Story! – Set between the end of Turbo Kid and the upcoming Turbo Kid sequel and developed in collaboration with RKSS, a writer-director triforce consisting of Anouk Whissell, François Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell, the brains behind Turbo Kid (2015), Summer of 84 (2018), We Are Zombies (2023), and Wake Up (2023), as well as the producers of the original feature film, Anne-Marie Gélinas, Ant Timpson, Benoit Beaulieu, and Tim Riley.
  • Play Your Own Way! – Turbo Kid allows you to play as the kid himself, or let loose as ‘Apple’, the fan-favorite character from the movie.
  • Feel the Need for Speed! – Turbo Kid is a haven for Speed Runners made possible by a fluid and non-invasive narrative design.
  • Master the Worlds of the Wastelands! – Run, crawl, jump, hang, and bike your way through five sprawling worlds where only heroes dare to ride!
  • Choose Your Own Path! – Non-linear narrative allows you to complete Turbo Kid in whichever order you see fit and make decisions that will change the outcome of the game.
  • Beat the Game to Killer Beats! – All-new kickass soundtrack by the legendary Le Matos, electronic band extraordinaire and creator of the film’s original soundtrack!
  • A Real Page-Turner! – Featuring an exclusive in-game Comic Book! Collect all the pages throughout the game to recreate a brand-new story drawn by Jeik Dion!
  • Reel-to-Reel Feelz! – Turbo Kid includes an in-game cassette player! Collect the incredible tracks featured in the game and decide which song to listen to while playing!
  • Mini Games, Massive Fun! – test your skills across multiple mini-games in order to sharpen your skills and gain a buncha’ bonuses!

Proudly featuring as part of the IGN Fan Fest Event, Turbo Kid appeared today on the world’s leading entertainment website, unveiling a shiny new game trailer and demo of the game!



Download the new Turbo Kid Steam™ Demo on February 23rd:

Guiz de Pessemier, Business Development Director at Outerminds, commented, “Turbo Kid has been a long-gestating passion project for the team here at Outerminds and our friends at RKSS and EMA Films. We’re beyond excited to lift the curtain today and show the world what we’ve been cooking! Our team are all lovers of the Turbo Kid movie, and we knew we had to bring this cult classic to PC in an authentic, original way which did justice to the franchise and stood alone as its own adventure”. Continuing, Guiz remarked, “We like to think there’s nothing quite like Turbo Kid, the first Metroidvania-style adventure to feature the all-terrain bikes, humor, feelings, blades, blasters and over-the-top gore that made the movie so memorable. We can’t wait for gamers to download the demo and jump into Turbo Kid come April 10!”.

Turbo Kid will be available worldwide on Steam starting April 10, 2024 and for gamers whose weapon of choice is Nintendo Switch, Turbo Kid will be riding in soon after! Stay tuned for more updates on that.

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