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Serene Sandbox Survival Game Retreat to Enen Finds Meditative Center On PC

Retreat to Enen, the tranquil sandbox survival game from developer Head West and publisher Freedom Games, harnesses harmony on PC via Steam and Epic Game Store today. In the distant future, the denizens of a war-torn Earth reflect on the endless violence, choosing to move forward in a more naturalistic direction. Society finally puts forth efforts into restoring nature, inspired by the ways of its ancestors. Come to the island of Enen and harmonize with wildlife, in a right of passage bettering each individual, granting them a newfound peace.

Live off of nature’s boons like plants, fruits, animal meat, and other materials to truly appreciate these blessings. Build a shelter, fire, and other crucial survival tools using more than 100 different resources to create a true home away from home. Explore the island to discover key meditation spots in order to maintain an in-sync spirit across newly discovered ruins and treefall gaps, flourishing in a peaceful journey of self-actualization.

After establishing a base and taking care of basic human needs, participate in real meditation sessions and bask in the beauty of the flora and fauna. Succumb to the magical music of billowing trees and willowing winds in a safe, convenient space for those unable to venture out into local forests and mountaintops. Reflect on Retreat to Enen’s peaceful sentiments and discover new ways to appreciate the world around us on a personal level.

“Simulating nature’s tranquility in a digital space with Retreat to Enen was a very personal and important journey for our team,” said Justin Hosford, Founder, Head West. “It’s hard to look past the world’s hardships at times, so we wanted to share some positive energy in a relaxing space. We hope Retreat to Enen can comfort those in need and maybe even teach you some new meditation techniques.”

Retreat to Enen is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Game Store for $24.99 with English language support.


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