Mind-bending Sci-Fi Strategy Game Cantata Launches

Modern Wolf and Afterschool Studio are today proud to announce the official launch of sci-fi strategy game, Cantata, for PC.
After an action-packed year in Early Access that allowed the community to help shape the game’s direction, this tactically rich turn-based epic has finally launched on Steam, immersing players in the unique stories, evocative visuals, and vibrant musical soundscape of a war-torn alien planet.

Fight to expand your hold on the mysterious world of Shoal in the first ever “Grand Tactics” game – combining the large-scale strategic planning of Grand Strategy titles with the turn-based skirmishes of the Tactics genre. Grow your empire with deep strategic gameplay that’s easy to learn but takes time to master, capturing regions, building structures, expanding your army, and more. Play as one of three unique factions – the Machines, Aliens, or Humans – and carve out your legacy across nine single player campaigns featuring more than 27 hours of story content; each unfolds as a self-contained sci-fi narrative with its own characters, dialogue, and original artwork.

And the battle doesn’t stop there, with online and local multiplayer to take the fight to friends and strangers alike. You can even create custom scenarios of your own using the game’s extensive modding tools, such as a feature-rich Map Editor and Skirmish Mode.

“My biggest hope is that we’ve delivered the best version of what Cantata wants to be,” said Kyle Kukshtel of Afterschool Studio. “The game has changed a lot in Early Access (thanks EA players!), and I think the Cantata of today is the best the game has ever been, and am excited to now fully usher that into the world. Watching the game gain a life of its own has been a magical experience, and it feels like just as much ‘my’ game as the game of anyone that plays it.”

Cantata is available now on Steam for £19.99/$24.99/€19.99 with a launch week discount of 10%. A deluxe “Dreamwalker” version is also available which includes the base game, the Cantata OST (£8.50/$9.99/€9.75), and Digital Wallpapers (£3.39/$3.99/€3.99) at £25.50/$31.18/€26.98 – with a 20% discount on launch week.

Source: Modern Wolf

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