Microïds Showcases Flashback 2’s Jungle Environment

Publisher Microïds, Microïds Studios Lyon/Paris and Paul Cuisset are happy to unveil a new trailer for Flashback 2, revealing an iconic and familiar environment for all fans of the franchise: the artificial Jungle of Titan! Dive into a captivating modern adventure where the story is constantly reinvented. In the dense jungle of Titan, Conrad B. Hart faces an environment that is both familiar and strangely new.

Take on a fierce enemy and his minions as you discover the wonderful vegetation and fantastic origins of this complex ecosystem. Whether you’re a long-time fan or discovering this deep universe for the first time, prepare yourself for a unique experience combining action, combat, platforming, encounters and exploration. Will the Jungle of Titan be your grave or your shelter? Flashback 2 will be available November 16th, 2023 both in digital and retail versions for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

In the 22nd century, the United Worlds extends throughout the Solar System, but this tranquillity is threatened by the Morph invasion led by the fearsome General Lazarus. In search of his lifelong friend Ian, Conrad B. Hart dives once again into a breathtaking adventure full of twists, turns and revelations with the help of a few allies, including A.I.S.H.A., his iconic AI-powered weapon!

Watch trailer here:

  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant sci-fi/cyberpunk universe and explore various environments (New Tokyo, New Washington, the Jungle…)
  • Use A.I.S.H.A., a lethal adaptive weapon enhanced with combat AI.
  • A gripping, fluid and intricate platform shooter.
  • A 3D environment for even deeper immersion.
  • Designed and developed by the creator of the original, Paul Cuisset.

In 1992, Flashback revolutionized action gaming and gained legendary status, ranking amongst the top 100 video games in history! Developed by its original creator Paul Cuisset, in collaboration with Microïds Lyon/Paris studios, Flashback 2 will offer an experience faithful to the Flashback universe, bringing back together some members of the original Flashback team, such as Thierry Perreau for game design and Raphaël Gesqua, the renowned composer of Flashback’s Amiga version.

For more behind-the-scenes information about Flashback 2, follow our dedicated Twitter account:

Conrad is back! 30 years after Flashback, Paul Cuisset’s legendary creation, which made the licence known worldwide, is back with this new sci-fi action-adventure game! Flashback 2 will be available on November 2023. Pre-orders are open now:

Also available to pre-order via Steam:

Sources: Microïds NewsFlashback 2 Steam Page

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