Last Epoch 1.0 Launches on February 21, Pre-Order Editions Updated

The Eleventh Hour Games team is thrilled to showcase the launch trailer for Last Epoch 1.0: Echoes from the Void, and the opening of our updated Pre-Order EditionsLast Epoch combines time travel, exciting dungeon crawling, engrossing character customization and endless replayability to create an Action RPG for veterans and newcomers alike. Travel through the world of Eterra’s past and face dark empires, wrathful gods and untouched wilds—to find a way to save time itself from The Void.

I’m thrilled to announce that Eleventh Hour Games is launching the long-awaited 1.0 version of Last Epoch on February 21st, 2024. After a journey that started with the dream of uniting genre enthusiasts to create the next great ARPG and forming an after-hours team through Reddit, to holding a successful Kickstarter 18 months later, and then building Last Epoch alongside our passionate community throughout Early Access…we’re confident in saying that we’ve made something truly special.

Last Epoch’s 1.0 launch will mark a new beginning for Eterra, and will set a new bar for quality, polish, gameplay feel, and visual excellence. Beyond 1.0, Eleventh Hour Games will bring substantial new content to Last Epoch every few months in what we call “Cycles”. These releases will contain additions and refinements to many aspects of the game, such as end-game content, skills, unique items, gameplay systems, quality-of-life features, etc.

Our Launch Trailer—Echoes from the Void—is the mysterious response to Eterra’s Official CGI Trailer:

We understand that February is later than we had initially targeted for this release; however, our original December timeline became a bit crowded with other studios’ releases, and we didn’t want to force the ARPG community to have to choose. By moving our date, we’ll also be able to take advantage of a few more months of polish for our new systems and classes, complete more bug-fixing, and reinforce our team with a restful and well-deserved holiday break. We thank you all for your unwavering support and enthusiasm that has allowed Eleventh Hour Games to make this game for all of us. We hope you will join us in Eterra this February and invite your friends to join in a new co-op hack-and-slash experience!

Along with the 1.0 Trailer Launch, we are proud to showcase our Deluxe and Ultimate editions, available for purchase now! Starting this week and up to 1.0 Launch on February 21st, anyone who purchases, or has purchased, any edition of Last Epoch will get the exclusive “Golden Guppy” Baby Chronowyrm cosmetic pet. You read that right; if you already own Last Epoch, you will soon see the Baby Chronowyrm in your cosmetics inventory! If you already own Last Epoch and would like to score one of these editions without purchasing the game again, you can do so right here.

As for the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, these are absolutely jam-packed with incredible cosmetics and offer phenomenal value. Last Epoch leaves Early Access and Launches into 1.0 on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024. Grab an edition, and jump into Last Epoch today!

Source: Last Epoch Steam Profile


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