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Flight Simulator for PC Available on August 18th

Hey don’t turn your back to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. It’s quite a simulator , especially with multiplayer mode, real-life air traffic and weather.

Taken from EngadgetMicrosoft Flight Simulator will arrive on PC on August 18th, and it will be available with Xbox Game Pass for PC (beta).

The game will come in three editions. The standard edition ($59.99) includes 20 planes and 30 airports. The deluxe edition ($89.99) adds five planes to the fleet and five additional international airports. And the premium deluxe edition ($119.99) has a total of 30 planes and 30 airports.

Microsoft already revealed that everyone playing this Flight Simulator will share the same world in a kind of all-inclusive multiplayer mode with real-life air traffic and weather. There’s also a new checklist system with interactive instrument guidance, night flight options and aerodynamic modeling for the 1,000-plus control surfaces on each plane.

You can pre-order the game now on Windows 10, or pre-install with Xbox Game Pass for PC. While you wait for the game to arrive, you might also consider accessories like the official Airbus line that Thrustmaster revealed last month.



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