City Transport Simulator: Tram is Launching Into Early Access on 20th June

Tram fans old and new won’t have long to wait until they can hop into the cab and explore a brand-new city when City Transport Simulator: Tram arrives in Early Access on Steam and Epic Store on 20th June. City Transport Simulator: Tram has been in development courtesy of ViewApp and published by Dovetail Games

Players assume the role of a tram driver as they transport passengers to their destinations all around the city of Tramau, inspired by real-world cities found in southern Germany. Players will get set up in one of three true-to-life trams, each with their own unique cabs, interiors, modes, and functions. Players will then familiarise themselves with their favourite tram and start picking up and dropping off your passengers while sticking to timetables.

Unique to City Transport Simulator: Tram is the new career mode! The city’s tram network is in need of revival, and it’s the player’s responsibility to manage Tramau’s entire tram operation. After naming and customising their tram operation, they’ll start with limited resources and a single tram. As they progress, they’ll gradually expand their small tram operation into a city-spanning fully customisable tram network. By earning XP, players can add more trams to their fleet, customise and edit their own timetables, and strategically position tramlines to link up with their stations however they see fit!

The city of Tramau has a rich and storied history that players can experience and explore. Their tram journey will take players past unique points of interest around Tramau, including a Baroque-style cathedral, a 14th century University, and a botanical garden constructed in the 18th century.

Players can wishlist City Transport Simulator: Tram in advance of the 20th June directly on our Steam and Epic Store pages. Players can also keep up to date with latest news and development updates on our Steam and Epic Store pages, by following our social channels (Discord, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter/X) or by visiting

Source: Dovetail Games

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