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Blair Witch is Coming to Oculus Quest VR this Halloween

WoahI! this game looks so cool, and probably scary as hell! If anyone has got an Oculus VR Quest … I dare you to try!

Taken from Engadget … While trick-or-treating may be off the table this year, at least you can enjoy the creepy Blair Witch game in VR on the Oculus Quest. Developer Bloober Team says the VR-enhanced title will hit Oculus Quest store on October 29th for $30, and it will eventually reach other virtual reality platforms soon. Naturally, the game has been reworked to take advantage of the immersion of VR. You’ll be able to interact with objects naturally using your motion controllers, map out your journey with a virtual marker and there are even more ways to interact with your companion dog Bullet. (And don’t worry, you can definitely pet him in VR.)

Beyond the scare-factor of being face to face with Blair Witch’s terrifying forest, Bloober says it’s also added new encounters with the game’s malevolent spirit. So there’s a good reason to head back to the woods even if you’ve beat the game already. (And it’s certainly a better idea than rewatching the last Blair Witch movie.)

Source: Engadget


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