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Apex Legends Old Ways Trailer Released

Respawn has released a trailer showcasing their Apex Legends Old Ways event, which will start tomorrow.

Taken from Engadget …  Respawn has shared a new gameplay trailer that details what Apex Legends players can expect when tomorrow’s the Old Ways event starts. The highlight of the two-week event is a town takeover mode called “Bloodhound’s Trials” that will put you and your squad against computer-controlled prowler monsters and other players. Complete the trials and you’ll get access to high-tier loot. One of the more interesting aspects of the mode is that Respawn has reworked part of the World’s Edge map to incorporate the arena where the trials take place.

As you might expect, Respawn is also adding a host of new in-game items for players to earn. You’ll be able to obtain these through Apex’s direct purchase shop a new prize track. All the new items are inspired by the Old Ways short Respawn shared at the start of the month.

Another reason to look forward to tomorrow is the return of duos mode. Kings Canyon, Apexoriginal map, also comes back permanently tomorrow after it recently returned to the game for a limited time. The Old Ways event runs through April 21st and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Engadget


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