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Epomaker Announes the Shadow-X – a Revolution in Mechanical Keyboards

Discover innovation at its finest with the all-new Epomaker Shadow-X Mechanical Keyboard.

Sleek Design FRL TKL 70% Layout for Optimal Space Utilization
Embodying an unprecedented 70% layout, Epomaker spares no effort in creating the cutting-edge mechanical keyboard in hopes of bringing better typing and visual experience to keyboard enthusiasts. Epomaker Shadow-X is designed with a sleek outlook to not only optimize the desk space but also to retain the full function of a keyboard. Despite its Function-row-less TKL keyboard, a simple shortcut effortlessly activates the function row when needed.

Intuitive LCD screen and Precision Metal Rotary Knob
Keeping up with the modern trend, Shadow-X features an intuitive LCD screen that presents essential things to users at a glance. Moreover, the screen is fully customizable using the Epomaker Driver, allowing users to personalize the screen with favorite pictures or GIFs, elevating the keyboard experience to new heights. Another standout feature is its metal rotary knob, ingeniously set as a connection mode switch. With a seamless rotation, this innovative keyboard effortlessly switches between various devices.

Immersive Typing with Gasket Mount structure and PC Plate
The gasket-mount structure has long been known as the most popular structure in mechanical keyboards for its bouncy typing feeling. Unlike traditional tray, top, or bottom mounts, the gasket-mount structure offers a more cushioned feeling. Combined with a PC plate, which is the best partner for gasket mount, the keyboard delivers a wonderful and unparalleled typing sensation with each keystroke.Ultimate Sound Profile with PORON Foam and IXPE Switch Sheet
Sound profile perfection is a paramount consideration in mechanical keyboards. Epomaker meticulously addresses this in the Shadow-X by equipping it with PORON Foam and an IXPE switch sheet – the keyboard effectively absorbs the hollow sound and minimizes the key stress to ensure the switch’s durability.

Triple-mode Connection and Long-Lasting Battery
Epomaker Shadow-X is compatible with both Win and macOS systems. With a few shortcuts, the keyboard can easily jump from different operating systems. Also, the keyboard enables both wired USB and wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connection. In Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, which is an ideal solution for multi-device users. Supporting a robust 3000mAh battery, the Shadow-X excels in demanding work environments, providing extended battery life and eliminating frequent charging interruptions.

Price and Availability
Epomaker Shadow-X has been released on Epomaker’s official website now, which is a budget keyboard with all the features mentioned above. It has various switch options including linear and tactile types to cater to the needs of different customers.

Source: Epomaker

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