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AMD Zen 4 Reportedly Features a 29% IPC Boost Over Zen 3

Wow … an extra 29% IPC boost over Zen 3. Can’t wait to see what AMD has lined up for us in 2021/22.

Taken from TPU … While AMD has only released a few Zen 3 processors which are still extremely hard to purchase for RRP we are already receiving leaks on their successors. Zen 3 Milan processors will likely be the final generation of AM4 processors before the switch to AM5. AMD appears to be preparing a bridging series of processors based on the Zen 3+ architecture before the release of Zen 4. Zen 3+ is expected to be AMD’s first AM5 CPU design and should bring small IPC gains similar to the improvements from Zen to Zen+ in the range of 4% – 7%. The Zen 3+ processors will be manufactured on TSMC’s refined N7 node with a potential announcement sometime later in 2021.


Zen 4 is expected to launch the next year in 2022 and will bring significant improvements potentially up to 40% over Zen 3 after clock boosts according to ChipsandChesse. A Zen 4 Genoa engineering sample reportedly performed 29% faster than an existing Zen 3 CPUs at the same clock speeds and core counts. The Zen 4 architecture will be manufactured on a 5 nm node and could potentially bring another core count increase. This would be one of the largest generational improvements for AMD since the launch of Ryzen if true. Take all this information with a heavy dose of skepticism as with any rumor.

Source: TPU , ChipsandCheese


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