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AMD Plans to Unveil Instinct MI100 on November 16th

The embargo is set to be lifted on November 16th. It will be interesting to see how this will compare to Nvidia’s A100 GPUs.

Taken from Videocardz … It appears that AMD is set to launch its Instinct MI100 accelerator on November 16th, a story from Aroged seems to indicate. They accessed documents that are still under embargo that already list the highly-anticipated MI100 accelerator, a direct response to NVIDIA A100 (based on GA100 GPU).

The interesting part of the leak is that AMD is allegedly dropping its Radeon branding for the Instinct series of accelerators. This would be a similar decision to NVIDIA’s who already dropped the Tesla and Quadro series in favor of simpler “Axxx” branding.

The MI100 is an accelerator-based on CDNA architecture. This card will feature a new Arcturus GPU that will lack typical rendering technologies that are unnecessary to datacenter accelerators. AMD decided to split its GPU architectures for computing (CDNA) and gaming-oriented (RDNA) series, in the hope to catch a bigger part of the data center and gaming markets at the same time.

Source: Videocardz via Aroged via @momomo_us


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