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AMD Infinity Cache Might be Coming to Big Navi

Some interesting news about AMD Infinity Cache could be coming to Big Navi. What is AMD Infinity Cache, well go here to find out more.

The new AMD cards will have a special cache connected to the memory subsystem. … This name hints to Infinity Fabric, AMD’s proprietary interconnects architecture for CPU cores and GPUs. Hence, Infinity Cache could be a new technology coming to AMD Radeon graphics cards.

Taken from VideoCardz … On the Justia Trademarks website, we can find the first references to AMD Infinity Cache. The name refers to AMD Zen technology called Infinity Fabric. AMD’s proprietary interconnect system architecture for CPU and GPU cores. The Infinity Cache could be a new technology coming to AMD Radeon graphics cards.

We have been told that AMD Big Navi has a relatively small memory bus of 256-bit and it is currently uncertain how the special cache works.

The alleged AMD Radeon RX 6900 graphics card would therefore feature 16GB GDDR6 256-bit memory paired with Infinity Cache. This, of course, would be the highest SKU in the lineup.

The first rumors about Infinity Cache have first appeared on the RedGamingTech YouTube channel.


Source: VideoCardz, Justia Trademark


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