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The Last Of Us Part II will run at 60 FPS on PS5

Some performance boost if you own a PS5 … The Last Of Us Part II will now run at 60 FPS on PS5. Nice!

Taken from Engadget … If you’ve managed to score a PlayStation 5 and haven’t yet plunged into the gorgeous nightmare of The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2), now might be the time. Naughty Dog has released its first PS5 performance patch for the game, which bumps the framerate up to 60 fps.

Once you’ve installed patch 1.08, there will be a new option in the display settings. You can set the framerate target at 30 fps or 60 fps. The PS5 should be capable of handling the latter without any real issues, though. Digital Foundry tested the patch and found that TLOU2 was locked at 60 fps through eight hours of gameplay, save for one momentary blip. A DF video detailing the analysis is insightful, but it includes some spoilers, so tread carefully.

Source: Engadget


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