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Leaked Specs of PS5 and Xbox Series X Show Similar Horsepower

Well, I’m not surprised … especially when both consoles uses AMD’s Zen 2 processor with Radeon RDNA graphics. *Hint: Time to buy AMD stocks!

Taken from CCN …The specifications of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X won’t diverge all that much according to the latest leak.

This time it comes straight from a post on 4Chan. We’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the most reputable source by any stretch of the imagination. Consequently, take this with the appropriate level of skepticism.


Specification Leak

The source claims they work as a game tester at a third-party studio recipient of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X developer kit.

The leaker explains they’ve had access to what they call the PS5 dev kit 2 – presumably an updated version featuring hardware changes. According to them, Sony has already shipped a dev kit 3 with further ‘tweaks.’

The source offers a list of the alleged specifications for both Sony and Microsoft’s dev kits. Here they are as they appear in the leak;

PlayStation 5:

  • 12.6 Teraflops RDNA 1.5
  • AMD ZEN 2 @3.6Ghz
  • 18GB GDDR6+4GB ddr4
  • SSD@5.5GB/S 500GB
  • Dedicated cores for RT and 3D Audio
  • Bandwidth 576GB/S

Xbox Series X:

  • 11.8 Teraflops RDNA 1.5
  • AMD Zen 2@3.7Ghz
  • 16GB GDDR6+4GB ddr4
  • SSD@3.8 GB/s 1TB
  • Dedicated RT cores (<PS5)
  • Bandwidth 596GB/S

It’s also pointed out that the Xbox Series X specifications are more or less final. The source expects Microsoft to bump up the console to 12.1 Teraflops alongside ‘some changes in RAM,’ but little else should change.

Source: CCN


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