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Scorn is a Next-Gen Exclusive To Xbox Series X and PC

This game looks super creepy … and it’s only available exclusively for the Xbox Series X and PC. Sorry wannbe PS5  owners, this one is not for you.

Taken from Forbes … We actually first saw Scorn a long time ago. The creepy, H.R. Geiger-inspired Xbox exclusive was one of the games Microsoft showcased in its Xbox Series X showcase the other week, but we actually saw it for the first time back in 2017, and it’s been on Steam a while. That makes it already sort of an interesting case for a next-gen showcase, but it’s also interesting for another reason. It’s going to be next-gen exclusive, only available on Xbox Series X and PC.

The reason is what you would expect. The reason for being exclusive to Microsoft seems to be purely-business related, because that’s just how exclusivity works. But the reason for being next-gen and PC exclusive is that previous-generation hardware simply wouldn’t provide players with the experience that the developers are envisioning. Developer Ebb Software wrote about it on the game’s Steam Page (h/t to Lvl 1 Gaming for spotting):

“We really don’t want to spend development time on what would from a technical standpoint (900p resolution, frame rates dipping below 30fps) be a sub-par version of the game and overall not a good experience.”

Read the rest at Forbes.


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