Counter Strike 2 Could be Released Later This Month

Counter Strike 2 could be released later this month according to rumours. Last week, a known Valve leaker ‘Gabefollower’ has shared screenshots on twitter of executables in the latest NVIDIA drivers called “csgo2.exe” and “cs2.exe”.



Further on from that, Richard Lewis, a known esports journalist and host has said various sources has told him saying Counter Strike 2 is real with a beta due later this month or beginning of April. The game will be on the Source 2 engine and servers will be 128 tick bringing it in line with Valorant. It’s also expected to have an improve matchmaking system, making the need for third party services such as FACEIT unnecessary.

The sources also told him the game is “just about ready to go”. If the rumours are true then it shouldn’t be too long before there’s an official announcement.

Source: Gabefollower and Richard Lewis

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