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Xbox Series X will be revealed in May event says rumor

Apparently, the Xbox Series X event in May will be hardware focused … interesting.

Taken from Gamerant … To avoid putting the health and safety of its staff at risk, Microsoft has announced it will be switching to all-digital events through July 2021, meaning fans should expect a far different approach to Xbox Series X announcements than previously seen from the company.

While rumors are common around this time of year, the vast majority seem to indicate there will be an Xbox Series X reveal event coming in May, the first of a number of planned Xbox events leading to the consoles Holiday 2020 release. From its release date to new games, features, and peripherals, here’s what fans can expect to see from the rumored Xbox Series X event next month.

If rumors are to be believed, the Xbox Series X event in May is going to be hardware focused and will serve as a “proper reveal event” for the console. Microsoft has already revealed what the Xbox Series X looks like, shown off the new Series X controller, and released the official specs. At this point, outside of going in-depth on features like Quick Resume, the UI, or a new dashboard, there’s not much left to reveal except for the Xbox Series X’s price and release date. The rumored E3 replacement event in June is said to be more focused on games, so May is definitely the right time to get in front of the competition.


Xbox Lockhart

One of Microsoft’s worst kept secrets in recent years is Xbox Lockhart, a long-rumored cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X. Xbox Lockhart is likely going to be released alongside the Xbox Series X, offering consumers a cheaper, less powerful entry-point into next-generation gaming, and effectively replacing the existing Xbox One X. Although very little is known about Xbox Lockhart outside of its rumored 4 teraflops processing power, it’s safe to say an official announcement would make the most sense at a hardware event.

Source: Gamerant


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