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Xbox Series S Refresh Rumored to Feature 6nm AMD APU

Comes with 20+ Compute Units.

More compute units means more performance … up to 50% more performance apparently 😀

Taken from TPU … Microsoft is potentially looking to refresh the Xbox Series S in late 2022 with an upgraded 6 nm AMD APU according to Moore’s Law is Dead. The upgraded processor would be manufactured on TSMC’s 6N process which boasts higher yields and could allow Microsoft to enable all 24 Compute Units on the APU compared to the 20 they currently enable. This increase in Compute Units and a clock speed boost could potentially increase the console’s performance by 50%.

This updated model would come in at close to 350 USD representing a 50 USD premium however the existing model would be retained and see a price cut to 189-249 USD. The rumor also claims that Microsoft will refresh the Xbox Series X in 2023 or later.

Source: TPU, Moore’s Law is Dead


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