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Want to Know More About The Xbox Series X – Here’s 25 Things

With so much news and rumors about Microsoft’s up-coming Xbox Series X console … here’s 25 things you need to know (if you don’t know already). Taken from Windows Central

1. Microsoft leaps to 8K resolution with Xbox Series X, providing gameplay sharper than ever, but still compatible with 4K and 1080p TVs

2. Xbox Series X includes a 12 teraflop GPU from AMD, double the graphics performance of Xbox One X, and rivaling top PC cards like the GeForce RTX 2080 Super

3. Xbox Series X includes next-generation solid-state drive (SSD) technology, vastly improving storage speeds, which Microsoft claims can “virtually eliminate” loading screens

4. The CPU used by Xbox Series X promises “four times” the power of Xbox One X, custom-designed alongside AMD

5. The Xbox Series X includes a refreshed Xbox controller, featuring a dedicated share button, improved d-pad, and textured triggers

6. Xbox Series X provides games with an opportunity to support 120Hz output up to 4K resolution, enabling smoother, more responsive gameplay with capable displays

7. Xbox Series X expands the console’s multitasking capabilities, now able to pause and resume multiple games simultaneously

8. Both horizontal and vertical positioning is supported by Xbox Series X, overcoming a former limitation of Xbox One at launch

9. The Xbox Series X is cooled using a single fan, described as “no louder than Xbox One X,” seemingly inspired by the Mac Pro 2013

10. Microsoft goes big with Xbox Series X, sizing up around double the volume of Xbox One X



11. Photos of an Xbox Series X prototype leaked online in January, providing our first look at physical hardware, and confirming planned rear ports

12. Physical game discs aren’t going anywhere — Xbox Series X features a disc drive for games and movies with 4K Blu-ray support

13. Xbox Series X commits to full backward compatibility, including support for all Xbox One games, alongside select Xbox 360 and original Xbox releases

14. All existing Xbox One controllers, headsets, and storage devices will work on Xbox Series X — but the future of Kinect is uncertain

15. Xbox Series X won’t support virtual reality (VR) headsets at launch, with Xbox head Phil Spencer stating “nobody’s asking for VR” — however, Microsoft remains open to VR in the future

16. Xbox Series X aims to tackle latency, bundling features to reduce the delay between you and your games

17. Over one dozen upcoming games have already committed to Xbox Series X upgrades, including those from Microsoft, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, CD Projekt RED, and Bethesda

18. You can get free Xbox Series X upgrades for some games via “Smart Delivery,” already confirmed for Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk 2077

19. Microsoft doesn’t plan for Xbox Series X first-party exclusives “over the next year, two years,” pledging Xbox One compatibility for upcoming in-house titles

20. Xbox “Game Core OS” might be the secret sauce behind Xbox Series X’s most impressive features

21. Xbox All Access grants you an upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch, from Xbox One X or Xbox One S

22. Microsoft could revive memory cards, dabbling in CFExpress support to deliver high-speed external storage

23. Halo Infinite launches alongside Xbox Series X, backing the console with the best-selling sci-fi shooter

24. Xbox Series X won’t be the “last” Microsoft console, despite a push for Project xCloud streaming

25. Xbox Series X is on track for “holiday 2020,” with November looking increasingly likely

Source: Windows Central

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