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Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Xbox Series X

Did I see right? Wait, what? … Taco Bell is giving away FREE Xbox Series X!

Taken from Forbes … If you’re not getting preview or review hardware, you’re waiting until November 10 to get an Xbox Series X. Unless, of course, you get lucky with some fast food purchases. Taco Bell has a long history with Xbox-related giveaways, and they often come with an interesting twist that repeats here: you can get the Xbox Series X before it even comes out, and winners are already being chosen.

OMG Taco Beall and Xbox THANK YOU!!! from r/XboxSeriesX

It’s pretty straightforward: you can enter the contest for the price of a medium or large drunk which you can even order online. You can also request an entry code with no purchase, or online. You then text the code you get to a certain number, and you find out if you won. You probably didn’t, but you might! So then you just sort of keep playing as a way to while away the hours until you can actually buy the thing legitimately.

Taco Bell has the full entry details, so click here to see that. The machine also comes with 6 months of Game Pass Ultimate, so don’t worry about picking up games for it.

There are actually a sizeable number of consoles being given away here: 4,032, in total. The Xbox Series X officially comes out on November 10, followed closely by the PS5 on November 12.

Source: Forbes


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