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Outriders Looks Amazing and it’s Coming to Xbox Game Pass

I have to admit … Outriders does look amazing, and it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass!

Taken from Engadget … Square Enix might have just found its next big franchise in Outriders. The third-person shooter has become a hit for the publisher (though that hasn’t been reflected in royalties for the developer, People Can Fly.) It’s easy to see why: the core gameplay is bags of fun, especially when you’re playing with friends.

However, it doesn’t quite stick the landing. A by-the-numbers story and limited replayability drag things down a bit. As such, before you pay full price, it might be worth checking out Outriders on Xbox Game Pass first.

You play as an Outrider, an elite soldier who helps prepare another planet for what’s left of humanity to colonize it, but something goes drastically wrong. Get past the middling first couple of hours (and some iffy writing and acting), and Outriders kicks into a higher gear once your character becomes mutated. You can select one of four classes, each with their own set of unlockable abilities.

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