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Last-gen Consoles Xbox One and PS4 Also Facing Stock Issues in the US

It’s no surprise … chip shortage and Covid-19 situations affect all supply chains. We won’t see any difference until the end of the year or possiblt early next year in 2022.

Taken from Kotaku …  Supply issues and Covid-19 complications have made the recent console generation transition a rocky one, with ongoing shortages making it nearly impossible to reliably procure a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. But current gen consoles aren’t the only ones playing hard-to-get. Outside of overpriced refurbished units or marked-up used consoles, scoring a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is just as difficult right now.

Amazon has no new PS4 or Xbox One consoles. Neither does Target, Walmart, or even GameStop. Some of the online retailers offer boxed consoles from third-party sellers—for instance,there’s a 1GB PlayStation 4 Slim console, which retails for $300, selling on right now for $450. According to a recent TechRadar article on PS4 prices, Best Buy had the PlayStation 4 Pro in stock earlier this month for its regular $400 retail price, but now it’s listed as no longer available. If you’re looking for a last-gen PlayStation or Xbox console that’s not refurbished or used at anything approaching regular retail price, you’re going to have a hard time right now.

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