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GIGABYTE Unveils New Ryzen-powered Gaming Laptops

GIGABYTE – Hot of the release of the new generation of AERO creator and AORUS professional gaming laptops equipped with the GeForce RTX 30 series laptop GPUs, world leading PC brand, GIGABYTE is proud to unveil the all new mid range gaming laptop series: GIGABYTE GAMING laptops. Introducing two models, the A5 and A7 laptops made for multitasking. Beyond gaming the A5 and A7 laptops are GIGABYTE’s first mid-end gaming laptops to be equipped with AMD Ryzen 5000H series mobile processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series laptop GPUs.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage countries around the world, cities are once again under lockdown and people are once again subject quarantine restrictions. Working remotely, learning remotely, and stay-at-home economics means accessible innovative computing is needed to meet the changes. GIGABYTE GAMING series target Gen Z and Millennial users, by offering up machines built for “multitasking” and meeting multiple needs at once, whether its learning, commerce, gaming or content creation. Capable of great performance, the GIGABYTE GAMING is ideal for everyday life, work, and entertainment. It features all-purpose product specifications – Up to 240 Hz refresh rate and 72% NTSC wide color gamut, 1+3 external DisplayPort, built-in SD card reader, and three slots that support up to 6 TB storage space. The GIGABYTE GAMING series is ready to offer high performance to the mid-range market.



GIGABYTE G5-7: Unrestricted Performance: Made For “Slashies”

Work from home, play anywhere is the new normal. That’s why GIGABYTE launched the GIGABYTE GAMING series. The G5 and G7 gaming laptops are designed for multitasking for the new breed of gamers or “slashies” working, learning, gaming and streaming from home. From gig work to game time, the GIGABYTE G5 and G7 offers unrestricted performance made for more. More gaming, more production, more entertainment with reliability, power and speed, engineered for more up time to meet the new demands of the “new normal.” Upgrades include 10th gen Intel Core i7-10870H and Intel Core i5-10500H, i7-10870H processors, with 8-core and 16-thread specification. The gaming performance is not to be doubted. GIGABYTE has a history of listening to our fans, and many of our Gen Z fan based demanded a mid-range gaming laptop made by GIGABYTE.

Budget friendly, with the same commitment to engineered excellence, GIGABYTE has catered to the wishes of its younger customers and is proud to introduce laptops with i5-10500H processors, featuring 6 cores and 12 threads. Enough to run most games these specs offer a more affordable option while maintaining the high standard of precision engineering for which GIGABYTE is world renown. In terms of the graphics, GIGABYTE has upgraded from the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, the graphic improves processing speed and game execution, not only making games more fun, it also accelerates apps and everyday tasks.

Different from the AORUS premium gaming laptops, the G5 and G7 laptops are equipped with the 10th gen Intel Core processor, which makes the laptops more suitable for casual gamers. They have all the right specifications for gaming: displays with 144Hz / 240Hz refresh rate, advanced cooling technology, and medium-to-high-end processor and graphics card, which can effectively improve processing speed and gaming performances, ensuring that users are awarded a remarkable gaming experience.

In recent years, the term “slashies” has gained popularity. This is a lifestyle that consists of multiple jobs in multiple disciplines. The diverse interests and convenient internet access has given rise to a population known as called “slashies.” This group of young Gen Z individuals may do sales by day, live steamer by night, and a photographer during the holidays. In addition to portability and efficiency, they also want their laptops to be flexible in every task so that one laptop can be by your side as you weave through different roles, supporting more than fight and also your everyday life.

GIGABYTE A5- A7: Whether it’s Work and Entertainment

The highlights of GIGABYTE’s new product launch are the 15-inch A5 and 17-inch A7 gaming laptops, greatly anticipated by our loyal fans. The laptops are equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5000H series mobile processors, with Zen 3 architecture, which can operate up to 8 cores and 16 threads. This upgrade significantly enhances IPC and its frequencies, allowing multi-tasking anytime, anywhere. Complimented with 144Hz / 240Hz refresh rate gaming display, users are given a sensational experience in both gaming and visual entertainment. With the 72% NTSC wide color gamut standard and high contrast, the colors more authentic and appealing, and the screen displays more colors and finer details. This is an irreplaceable device for both gamers and creators.

In terms of performance, aside from upgrades to CPU and GPU, the A5 and A7 adopt the powerful WINDFORCE cooling system and comes with plenty of I/O port, allowing connection of up to three additional screens. Featuring a built-in SD card slot and equipped with ample storage supporting three interfaces. In essence, GIGABYTE GAMING series laptops are truly the “Beyond Gaming” laptops of choice. Budget friendly with superior performance, GIGABYTE laptops are now the standard in mobile computing, making them the first choice for remote work and education, allowing gamers to balance work and life in face of the global pandemic.

Pricing, & Availability

  • G5: 1,099 USD
  • A5: 999 USD
  • A7: 1,399 USD

GIGABYTE GAMING series multi-functional gaming laptops are now available for pre-order across all sales channels.


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