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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Launches March 3rd 2023

KOEI TECMO and Team Ninja has announced Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will launch on March 3rd 2023. The game is a souls-like RPG game set in Later Han Dynasty China 184 AD, which you play a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival where demons plague the Three Kingdoms.

KOEI TECMO Europe also announced that in addition to the standard version of the game, a special Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition will be available at the same time, which includes a Season Pass that features three DLC packs. These packs are highlighted by new generals, new demons, new scenarios, new stages, new weapon types, and more. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes a digital artbook and a digital mini soundtrack. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will be rewarded with the Season Pass/DDX bonus: “Qinglong Armor”.

In addition, KOEI TECMO Europe revealed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s early purchase bonus. Purchase the physical or digital game by 16th March to receive special “Baihu Armor”. Those who pre-order the game digitally will receive both the early purchase bonus along with the pre-order bonus: “Zhuque Armor”.

A limited-edition SteelBook® version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will also be available at launch. The SteelBook® Launch Edition includes an exclusive collectible case along with bonus DLC items “Crown of Zhurong” and “Crown of Gonggong”.

KOEI TECMO and Team NINJA released the results of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty survey conducted in September. The feedback report from over 80,000 fans who defeated the demo is available on the official site today.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Launches on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and will also be available day one on Xbox Game Pass on console and PC.


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